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    Goals for different parts of the model

    Oscar Terrer
      I'm trying to make a car analysis, and i need to know the liftforce. That's easy, just insert a global goal Force Y (Y is myvertical axis). But, i need to know how many force is applied inthe front wheels, and how many in rear wheels.... Is that possible?is there any option to know that? maybe with surface goals?
      Any idea or help?

      Thank you very much!
        • Goals for different parts of the model
          Oscar Terrer
          Hey, have you tried to use the Torque Goal? I mean, if Y is yourvertical axis, and Z (for example) is your longitudinal axis, thenX will be your transversal axis (of course). Then if you get the Xtorque goal, you can know the force distribution just knowing thedistance between application point of the torque (normally yourorigin) and your front and rear wheel axle.
          I'm doing just the same work, a car aerodynamic analysis, but i'mnot sure if the results i get are real or not. Do you know whatconfiguration must i set up in FloWorks to have a real simulation?I mean, for example, turbulence intensity, turbulence length,symmetry planes, how configure reynolds number, and suchthings.
          Could you help me ?

          Thank you very much!!