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HUGE problem, can't see parts in 07/08 Solidworks

Question asked by Larry Wu on Sep 11, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2007 by 1-9C36HC

Hi everyone! This is my first post here and Iran into a huge.. huge problem... First off I believe my video cardand everything is fine, i twas listed as a passed video card undersolidworks. However I seem to have a problem with seeing the actualpart, lines, etc of whatever I'm working on. This is going to behard to explain so I attached a video that the Solidworks RX tookbelow, the video doesn't show the total issue.


Please bear with me, I can draw a circle, lineetc, but I can't actually see it, all I see is the same backgroundimage that is shown when you first start up solidworks. Unless Ichange the view and rotate it then I can see the parts. But onlyWHILE I'm rotating or WHILE I'm selecting a plane to work on. Thesecond I let go of the left button on the mouse, it goes back toshowing me the background and I can't see what I'm working onanymore.


I'm sure this is something to do with thevideo or display but I have no idea where I should start. I have aATI radion X1800 with 256mb and believe it should be fine, at leastable to work on something.


By the way, I just picked this solidwork uptoday, it's a student version, the 2007-2008. Trying to learn morewith this program along with what we use in class but can't seem toget it to work on my own computer.


Here's the link to the small video clip thatonly shows half of the actual problem. Again, when I rotate thepart I can actually see it which.. it doesn't show in the video,but essentially it does show the background image that is always"stuck" there...


Any ideas anyone? =( I'll be bummed untilsomeone can help me with this.. Greatly Appreciated!!!