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Multiple pages in DT ?

Question asked by Bruce Fisher on Sep 7, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2009 by John Zhao
I'm cautiously entering deeper water with Design tables, thanks to the excellent pointers I've gleaned in this forum, but don't recall seeing any topics that mention the use of multiple pages (worksheets) in Design tables. I ran an experiment by creating a table with auto-create, added a worksheet (kept the default name of SHEET2), and linked the values on SHEET1 to cells on SHEET2. It worked with no apparent problems. Then, I saved the DT to a file, deleted the imbedded DT, and created a new external DT by linking to the saved file. Voila! It too worked fine. I'm still a little gunshy though, so this topic is to solicit comments from those of you out there who have more experience and perhaps have used multiple sheet DT's in more complex situations. Thanks in advance for your input. For your convenience, see the attached file.