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Question asked by Jason Capriotti on Sep 7, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2008 by 1-9235V8
I have batch files to handle our SolidWorks installation automatically, and it applies registry files to set all the company settings like template locations, etc.

The catch is we have SolidWorks installed on over 70 computers in various departments and its common that people leave or get a job in another department and new people get hired in. Since the PCs belong to the department, a new user logs in and has access to SolidWorks, as they should. Problem is they do not have the company settings.....instead they have the SolidWorks defaults.

The way I understand this works is the settings are stored in the registry for the "current" user so our settings get applied to that user only. The "Local Machine" registry keys have the SolidWorks defaults. I would like the defaults to be "our" settings so any new (or existing) users that login will have our defaults. Has anyone tinkered with trying to apply the settings to the "Local machine" keys to override the SolidWorks defaults? This would solve my problem but are there potential issues with this?