Dwight Livingston

Sketching square on body of cone?

Discussion created by Dwight Livingston on Sep 6, 2007
You might best do this by sketching on a reference plane that intersects the cone. Say if you created the cone by sketching on the Front reference plane, you might again sketch on the Front reference plane and draw a square. You can extrude the square so that it protrudes from the cone. You may then pattern that extrude so that you get a series of protruding square shapes.

If you want the square extrudes to extend prependicular to the cone surface (instead of the cone axis) then you need to create a reference plane paralell to the cone surface.

If the cone is a shelled, hollow shape, then a blind extrude may put geometry on the inside of the cone where you don't want it. In that case, use "extrude from surface," select the outsid eof the cone, and the geometry will not be created inside the cone.