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    Angular Equation

    Martin Stevens
      Please someone help me!! What am I missing?? Why can't I find theproblem??  (Maybe I better leave this one for themorning 'cause it's been a long one today...)

      I've got 3 lines sketched from the origin. One horizontal, and twoat an angle (less than 90 degrees). Both lines are dimensioned fromthe horizontal line. I need to link the angular dimension ofthe line with the greater angle to the other line with anequation.
      "D2@Sketch1" = "D1@Sketch1"+0deg7min50sec
      I get the error message "THE SYNTAX OF THIS EQUATION ISINCORRECT "
      (My units are in dms format)  

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          Steve Rauenbuehler
          I've never used that dms format, but maybe you could try +0deg7'50"

          Just guessing.....
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            Charles Culp
            My first suggestion is to create three dimensions.  The firstone is D1, same as you have it now.  The second one is theangle between the two lines, which is 0 degrees, 7 min, 50 sec. The third dimension will be between the second line, and thehorizontal.  When you create this third line, it will promptyou, asking if you want to make it a Driven dimension.  Sayyes.   Then if you need that dimension in laterequations, or for your drawing, you can still use it.

            If you insist on using the equation to drive the value (I almostnever find it necessary to use equations, there are normallygeometric "tricks" you can do which always work easier),then just use "D2@Sketch1" = "D1@Sketch1"(plus) (7/60) (plus) (50/60/60)... thus showing thedecimal equivalent for DMS.

            * the plus symbol has problems in HTML... so replace (plus)accordingly.
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              John Burrill
              Out of curiosity, what did you seT the angular unit measure control to in the equation editor?
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                  Martin Stevens
                  Funny, when one adds a new dimension to a line, dms can beadded/subtracted in the dimension input box in dms  format.(e.g. 2deg7min50sec+1deg7min21sec) - or in the format2deg7'50". But in an equation it won't work. The only way Iget to the correct answer is to set my document units todecimal, and then do the math in the equation also indecimal.

                  Until someone comes up with a better idea, I have at least a way toovercome my problem. Thanks for everyone's input.