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    IGS to Solidworks

    Bertram Cutforth
      I am new to this game of Solidworks, and I have a few IGS files toconvert.  When I do load  them into Solidworks, I want tomake some changes to the part (thin up some areas, change someradii on the part), but it translates into a "import2" inthe tree, and I can not find how to be able to change the part. Is there a way once you have the file in Solidworks to havesketches or something to work with, or do I have to go back to mycustomer (who lost the engineer that did the work originally_), andsee what they can do?

      I hope this makes sense.

      Thanks for your help in advance
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          Matt Lombard
          I'm afraid you are in for a rude awakening. IGES files do not transfer parametric features. SolidWorks does have some tools for dealing with imported data, but they are limited, and cannot do everything that you are probably looking for.

          One tool is called FeatureWorks, which can rebuild an imported part parametricly from the dumb data. This can be used in whole or in part, meaning that you can make the whole part parametric, or (when that doesn't work) you could make just a portion of it parametric, for example the fillets.

          Another tool is the Move Face tool, which in some situations might allow you to change some things on imported data, but fillet sizes aren't really one of them.

          Another tool is called Delete Face, which can be used primarily to remove features from an imported model.

          There are tricks to using each of these efficiently.

          Best of luck.
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            Bertram Cutforth
            Thanks for the info.

            I was afraid this was the case being what igs is.  Would thisbe the case with any parasolid type software, meaning that igswould not translate in like I want it to?
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                Matt Lombard
                This will be the case with any transfer between any parametric history based modelers using any translation format. Some modelers make it easier to edit translated data. One of these would be Spaceclaim, but it still might not be able to do what you want.
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                    Kevin Quigley
                    I'll second Matt's comments here. If you want history trees andediting you need the native format or be able to spend a lot ofcash on very specialist tools for translating between nativeformats - like Pro/E to SolidWorks, not IGES to SW.

                    Some apps do let you do limited editing on these dumb solids andsurfaces but it is limited. SpaceClaim doesn't really do any morethan implement the built in tools within ACIS that can be found inthe likes of Ashlar-Vellum Cobalt or IronCad - just with a morefluid interface.

                    Getting back to your issue, when I need to edit dumb files I firstremove the fillets, then move faces around. Or of course it mightjust be quicker to rebuild from scratch.