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VBA macro issue

Question asked by Brian Donovan on Sep 4, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2007 by Brian Donovan
Hey all. I am stuck on the following problem. I have sent it to my VAR and so far no luck.

I have a DT that needs to auto execute a function to finally drive model geometry.

The geometry is simple. The DT is not. I am incorporating a AMSE Section I code (area replacement formula) that evaluates input data (from outside sources) populates the DT via multiple sheets to finally use a VBA routine/macro to output numerical values to sheet1.

With me still?

The problem. By itself, the spreadsheet (and VBA macro/routine) performs as expected but when I incorporate the VBA routine into the DT, it hangs (really it loops) when I open the DT through the model.

I have confirmed it is the macro/routine that is the problem and not the DT.

Anyone go down this road? Any thoughts or solutions? Commiserate?

I can add the file if needed.