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Apply force/restraint to part of a face only

Question asked by Christopher Thorn on Sep 4, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2007 by Christopher Thorn
Hi, thanks for helping!

I was wondering if it's possible to apply a force (or restraint) in
COSMOSWorks to just part of a face on a model.

For example, consider you have a 300mm long 20mm diameter bar, the
ends of which are located fully in 20mm diameter holes in 10mm
thick support plates.

In the centre of the bar along a 20mm length I want to apply a
uniform downwards force. however, in COSMOSWorks you can only
select the entire face.

Is it possible to (a) define the fixed restraints as being 10mm
long on the surface of the bar and (b) define the force
to be along 20mm of the bar in the centre?

Any suggestions are appreciated - thanks!