Paul Salvador

Feature Statistics, REAL values, NOT FALSE DATA!

Discussion created by Paul Salvador on Sep 2, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2007 by Larry Kutcher
I want to say this as nicely and as clearly as I can...
Feature Statistic values MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
The TRUE MEANINGFUL VALUE is the TOTAL time , that is, when the user
has FULL access to the data!

Otherwise, Feature Statistics are POINTLESS!

Let's have REAL values, NOT FALSE DATA!!

Opening (total time it takes to open and have FULL access to the
Ctrl-Q (total time it takes from ctrl-q to FULL access to the data)
Saving (Total time it takes to save and have FULL access to the data.

The people behind this request had very good intentions and I
appreciate its use or at helping find problem areas or what features
take longer to resolve.

It concerns me to see others using it as a literal measure of
performance and/or comparison.
As it is now, it clouds the very real issue of overall performance (it
SW2006, SW2007 and now SW2008 have each progressively performed
slower, OVERALL,.. so, seeing Feature Statistics misinformation used
as a comparison is very concerning!

I only hope Users, VAR's and SW Corp do NOT (or stop) use it as a
tool for overall performance comparison.

So, pretty please, a upgrade to this tool is very much needed!
We need to request TOTAL OVERALL performance values (when the user has
FULL access to the data) so we ALL can make accurate comparisons.