Kevin Dahlquist

ISO Time tracking features in solidworks

Discussion created by Kevin Dahlquist on Sep 1, 2007
First, just want to note that I couldn't find a very suitable forumheading for this question, so I'm going with 'performance' for lackof anything else. My question is actually pretty simple.

I'm doing more freelance work lately, and it seems like a verynice, simple, and convenient feature would be if Solidworks were totake note of CAD hours spent on each particular part and/or of acollective assembly, for billing and/or management purposes. If wewere really fancy, it could pause when you step away from thecomputer (no input). and then auto-resume when you start workingagain.

As useful as this would be I was surprised to not have discoveredit already. If it is already implemented, I would appreciate anyadvice on how to find/use this functionality. If it doesn't exist,please consider this a suggestion for improvement, and I wouldwelcome any tips or other helper apps that users find convenient toperform this task.Thanks for any help!