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    how to run a selection of studies?

    Rogier Van Rossen
      Is there a way to run just a selected set of studies?

      I have a part with a lot of studies (different forces and contact restraints)
      I use run all studies over night or in the weekends, but during the day I want to run just some studies I altered and want to review. Now I have to set one and wait till it is finished to set the next.

      Design senaria seems the best option, but it will only save the full results of the last study

      I didn't find anything with the task scheduler.
      I could not find any info on API for cosmos..... is there?

        • how to run a selection of studies?
          Rogier Van Rossen
          A reaction from solidworks through my VAR:

          "There is no API support at this point to run studies selectively. The API is supposed to be implemented in one of the service packs for 2008 version. Once we have the API, you should be able to run studies selectively.
          Currently you can run all studies using the SolidWorks task scheduler or if you in COSMOSWorks, then in the COSMOSWorks feature tree, right click on the model name and select "Run all studies"."

          So we just have to wait :S
          • how to run a selection of studies?
            genexxer genexxer
            This is off topic, but a building up a set of parameters in design scenarios within one study may fulfill some things currently being done in separate studies. The big limitation is support of design scenarios across all study types. ie. modal and linear static are the two I use design scenarios for. Nonlinear static isn't supported.
              • how to run a selection of studies?
                Rogier Van Rossen
                True, design senarios makes life easier if doing a lot of studies, but the function is just not finished

                - Designsenaraio saves maximum stresses and sensors from every study, The full data is not saved for every study. This is only saved for the last study, "because studies can be big" SO WHAT? Let me decide if I want to save all results or just the last.
                - In my studies I was mentioning I am calculating all contactforces, but I cannot define a sensor for that.

                that is why I'm not using designsenario for this work.