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How do I add Icons to my "Context Bar" ?

Question asked by Richard Carlstedt on Oct 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2015 by Richard Carlstedt

I am new to SW and have the student version (SW 14-15)  at home.

I can only do drawings at school, because for some reason my context bar is incomplete n my home version.

I hope that this picture works

When I left or right click on the sketch in Feature manager, the Context ( flyout ?) Bar only has 3 symbols

They are "Hide" "Zoom" and "Normal to"

No Edit Sketch ? or "Edit feature " or others like they have at school.

I was told to click in the window of the Bar to edit it, but nothing happens.

When you go to Tools-Customize, the page said to drag the Icons , but the context  flyout disappears ?

Another text I have says that the Context bar cannot be edited  ( SW 2013)

I tried to set all icon functions to "Default' and no changes


Thanks for any guidance

Sorry if this is a dumb question....