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Solidworks uses 50% of pc performance

Question asked by Peter Ensing on Oct 29, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by Peter Ensing

Hello all!


For some time I'm trying to figur out how to work with Solidoworks without frustration of minor lags.

For a long time I thougth our Quadro K4000 was the issue, until I installed HP performance advisor tool.

When running the tool and working with all kind of big assemblies (+6000 parts) and drawings with more than 30 views, sections, and details per drawing, I noticed that solidworks used just about 50% of my pc's hardware performance.

Hp advisor.png


What I don’t understand is when I work in a drawing adding views or making a section view and adding dimensions it still needs to think a couple of seconds, or when zooming in and out there is some lag at every zoom tick.

Or Solidworks is crashing on a drawing with 12 sheets because it cant handle the switching between sheets that sometimes takes 30 sec to load (personally I don’t use more than 1 sheet/drawing to keep the performance speed up).

And yes I'm working on a network folder but even when I put it locally I have the same experiences with just a slightly improvement.

I also changed the settings within solidworks to have better performance but I just dont get why its not using 100% to get rid of all the lags...


Anybody an idea how I could make it run better? I thought about upgrading hardware but it seems not needed watching the graphic.

Or is it that the K4000 has not enough CUDA cores and gflops to work 100%?


I know that its not comparable but I would like to run solidworks like when I'm pro-gaming, when I give the program a command it needs to respond instantly, if the pc cannot keep up with me I upgrade it until it does. I dont have time to wait on inserting a view, section view or switching between sheets...


I hope you can give me some ideas!


Kind regards,