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PDMworks users - Will this work???

Question asked by Diarmuid Boland on Aug 30, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2007 by Steve Ostrovsky
I am setting up PDMworks to suit my needs and I am wondering ifwhat I am doing will work for me.
First of all I have set up a Folder Templates which I will use whenI start a new project on my local drive, you can see thelayout in the attached jpeg, In each folder there is a word docwhich has no relevance whatsoever but is just there so that thereis something in each folder.
I am now wondering if this will work for me, I am the admin forPDMworksgroup so I log in and create a new project name and allrelevant permissions. Then I go to bulk check in and check in thenew project activating the create subproject box.
When I look at the Vault in Explorer window and refresh I can seethat the Project and sub folders have been created and I can alsosee the word docs in each folder.
Now I am thinking when I create parts I can check them into therelevant folder in the vault
The only problem I have found is in the Project tree inPDMworksgroup, it takes up a lot of space and I can't minimize thesub projects down to the main Project Folder.

I have attached some jpegs to show what I have done, I have notused PDMworks for any of my file management yet and I amexperimenting to see what will work for me.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated

cheers D