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Hi all, I'm struggling to update SW 14-15 to SW 15-16, I've tried everything apart from the correct method! Obviously.

Question asked by Joe Stoloff on Oct 29, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2015 by Joe Stoloff

Hi all, I am having quite a bit of trouble upgrading from 2014-15 to 2015-16. Firstly I am a part time student at uni and have been using SolidWorks for over a year now. The uni gave us their registration key and gave instruction of how to upgrade to SW 15-16. I have the install program downloaded and unzipped. I tried to update the current version of SW and it came up with some errors. It didn't really specify the actual errors just a list of ancillary programs. So I tried to uninstall the current version, however SW did not show in programs and features in control panel and I could not find an uninstall program with SW files. So I upgraded my windows 7 to 10 hoping it might help. Still nothing. I heard from other students that they had to disable antivirus software while installing, but that didn't work. So a last attempt to uninstall the current version, I dragged it from the registry, deleted every file i could find to do with SW.... much to my disbelief after a restart the bloody thing decided it was still installed without a single issue. So I tried looking for updates of software involved and didn't find any. I am close to giving up with the bloody thing however I need it for my course. Please help because it's doing my head in! Thanks, Joe