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EPDM Configurations and Properties

Question asked by Andrew Deboer on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by Adrian Velazquez

So without going into internal work drama, my company has finally decided to start migration to EPDM. Unfortunately, it was basically just installed and we were told to have at it. So the engineering team is having to set it up on the fly. Permissions, basic templates and cards, and a simple workflow are set up, but I have some questions about cards, custom properties and configurations.


EPDM cards seems to handle @ (base part) and configuration properties a little differently than drawings handle them. In drawings, you can mix and match, but cards, display all the information from a single property tab at once.


Since we don't have many configurations, it'll be easiest to just duplicate all the information from the @ properties into the configuration property tab so it shows on cards. But is there a way to mix the information from the @ properties and configuration properties on a card tab?


Secondly, I know you can hide the @ tab, but I want to do the opposite. For all single configuration parts, I want to hide the Default/01 configuration.


Basically, I just need to consolidate the card data, so the peons can just look at one single tab for one part number and have all the primary part information. Configurations get part numbers, hence the first question of trying to put all the information in one place.


The other option is to completely ignore and hide the @ tab, push all required properties to all configurations that need it, and then only one tab per part number is displayed.


I'm just trying to preserve what little information was actually properly documented as custom properties, so that my poor Admin/Document Controller won't have to re-touch every part and property field manually. They will likely end up touching most of them anyway, but having 50% of the information is better than none of the information.


Would it be worth setting up a staging area for legacy imports and a workflow that copies the configuration data accordingly, then pushes into the production folder?


Any tips or threads you can direct me to would be a great help, as we are starting from scratch and on our own. EPDM Revision Table Description has already been big help.


Much thanks in advance,