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Assembly/part/file failure

Question asked by David Bauchelle on Oct 28, 2015
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Hi folks -


I've been having repeated problems with parts that I'm using occasionally 'exploding' into useless data. I'm not talking about an exploded view; I mean literally the nodes, segments, and faces inflate into some odd, sphere-like arrangement. It typically happens when working with a reasonably large and complex assembly, but I think also at other times.


Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about:

SW failed part.png


You can still kinda see the cylindrical original objects there in the middle. After this point, naturally, the program bogs down and then won't work any more, and typically crashes to desktop. What's worse, once it's started happening on a given assembly, it seems like that one is poisoned, and then behaves like that even after I re-open the file. Not right away, but within a few minutes or changes.

Any advice whatsoever?

Sorry if this has been asked before ... I tried to search on it but didn't come up with anything that looked similar.


- Dave