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    how to install my 3D printer on solidworks

    Mohamed Sadek


      I'm Trying Solidworks.

      I am having a problem to setup my 3D printer on Solidworks, It's own driver is working fine.

      but when I try to use Print 3D Directly from SolidWorks. It Gives this message.

      "There're no 3D Printers Installed on this computer"




      Any Advice


        • Re: how to install my 3D printer on solidworks
          Mark Kaiser

          Never used the SW 3D print option.  Always use my 3D printer's software.


          Curious as to how SW would know to create the tool paths for various 3D printers?


          From the help files:


          "Use the Settings tab of the Print3D PropertyManager to set print options for a 3D printer that uses the Microsoft Windows 8.1 print driver."


          So your 3D printer would need a MS driver.