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Saved Cut List items... eliminating external links?

Question asked by Justin Lee on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by Deepak Gupta



I'm often using weldment / structural member profiles to draw up bent tube structures.   I name all the bodies in the cutlist i then use the "Save Bodies" option from the Cut List (rt click) context menu.


In the save bodies dialog  I tell SW to create a new assembly from the cutlist items, and save each body out as its own part file.  So I end up with the individual part files for each original body, and an assembly file where they all live together in harmony.


It seems like at this point I should be able to remove the original multi-body part file, but the new parts are externally linked (split body) to the multi-body part where the cutlist originated.


The new split body parts don't bring in all the features that made up that body originally. Rather, the new parts just show a split body feature that I can right click on and "edit in context" to open the original multi-body part file.


Maybe there is no good way to preserve the newly saved part files without also preserving the external links and the original multi-body file... Not seeing anything in the documentation or here on the forum.


Can anyone lend me some guidance in eliminating external links and the original multi-body part files when saving bodies from cut lists?

OR can anyone tell me conclusively that I do need to keep the external links and original multi-body part files.


Thanks in advance