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    Solidworks API: Create Projected View

    Matthew Elgie

      I can't seem to find the correct function to create a projected view from a selected view programmatically. Does anyone know what the function is? All of my searching only gives me back "Link to Parent Configuration" but that is only for ALREADY created projected views.


      This is what my Macro Recording gives me, yet when I try to apply it in my VB.Net application, it does nothing.


        Dim SldView As View = SldDrw.CreateFlatPatternViewFromModelView3(SldModel.GetPathName, swConfig.Name, (sheetHeight / 4) * 3, sheetWidth / 4, 0, False, False)


         Dim childView As View = SldDrw.CreateUnfoldedViewAt3(SldModel.GetPathName, sheetHeight / 4, SldView.Position(1), False)