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Install FAIL -- current eDrawings over 2012 - Newer Version error? --  Win7 64

Question asked by Paul Passarelli on Oct 28, 2015

I'm using SW2012 BASIC on a Win 7 64 Pro machine and tried to install the free eDrawings Viewer to look at a file sent to me created in 2015? The viewer installer errors with a "Newer Version Installed" and then tries to take me to the Online Download application.  Naturally that fails because I'm not a subscriber.  That in turn tries to take me to Online Technical Support -- which also fails for the same reason.


I downloaded eDrawings onto another PC which worked fine, and I was able to decline he job without any problem.  But this is just another *STUPID* screw-up of the SolidWorks 'security' that treats us like criminals and causes me to experience bile and anger towards a software product I bought and paid for, used to enjoy using, and now loathe & despise.