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EPDM Custom Print Task Misbehaves Unless an Explorer Window is Open

Question asked by Greg Thomson on Oct 27, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2015 by Greg Thomson

I've written a custom EPDM Task that generates Inventor DXFs.  The Task seems to work flawlessly, but intermittently wouldn't print to its target folder.


After exhaustive testing, I discovered its me continually deleting the target folder from Workstation A (me), and then asking Workstation B (task computer) to regenerate the DXFs into the target folder.  Somehow the workstation B EPDM View is not in sync with Workstation A's view and fails when an attempt is made to write/create a directory just deleted? (or something).  What's really weird, is if I open an Explorer Window on the parent directory of Workstation B and just leave it open, it somehow does some sort of refresh to allow my DXFs to get continuously generated no matter how often I remotely delete the folder and regenerate from Workstation A.


Does anyone know what's going on?  Is there some sort of API call I could make to have the Task computer resync or update its EPDM View before performing tasks?