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    Design Library setup

    Christian Chu

      I've searched thru the admin tools and couldn't find a feature to setup for design library folder (for standard parts with no revision controlled) - Any help, pls.

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          S. Casale

          The design library is just a snappy connection to a folder structure.


          What are you trying to do?

          Are you using EPDM?

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              Christian Chu

              No, I'm still using workgroup PDM and started learning ePDM

              so the admin can assign the folder as "read only"

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                  S. Casale

                  In EPDM (future SolidWorks PDM Professional), you can place your design library anywhere you would like. It essentially acts as any other folder.

                  You can control the location in your options:


                  You can set each folder up with specific permissions by group, users, or . You can assign folder permissions per group or by individual user.

                  The image below is by groups. In my opinion, It is easiest to control permissions on groups.


                  And if necessary you can control each folder very specifically from the vault itself.


                  You can control which files/folders are under revision control.


                  If you are not into EPDM yet, back to the first statement of this reply, the design library can be controlled by your system admin (assuming the design library is controlled on a network location). The admin can set up any folder for READ, Write, permissions.


                  Here is a link for some of the guides for SW products:

                  Administration Guides | SOLIDWORKS