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Bend line note (K-factor) does not keep it's correct value.

Question asked by Fred Vraj on Oct 27, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by Fred Vraj

Hi everybody,

has anybody experience the same issue?

I am attaching my Part and Drawing to test it.



The bend note line would not keep it's correct K-factor value in my drawings.

Every time I reopen my drawing, the K-factor correct value is lost and K-factor only shows K0.

What I am forced to do is the Re-open the Part/model, go to Sheet-metal(1) in the left tree, open it and re-save the K-factor value which will than re-show the drawing's K-factor correct value in the bend line , but only while this drawing is open. Next time, the K-factor bend line value is gone again and shows K0 only.



If I use Bend Deduction rather than K-factor in my part, the Bend Deduction Value in the bend line note would stay there for ever but not the K-factor.

I am not sure why Solidworks would not remember the correct K-factor value in the bend line note.


I have tried to reset and change values in drawing...Option>Document Properties>Tables>Bend.........but no help here.


Thank you for your help guys.....