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    Custom righ click menu assigned for groups?

    Lawrence Kiefer

      In a group window, under settings, Menus I created a custom menu for this group.

      This menu now shows up for all users in any group.

      So I then created a separate menu for a different group and this updates the menu for ALL groups.


      Since menu is an option in the group property box, I would naturally assume I can set diferent menus per group however the behavior I am experiencing shows me that any menu changes affect ALL groups/users.


      IS this yet another EPDM glitch or am I doing something wrong?



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          Charley Saint

          Hey Lawrence,


          You're not doing anything wrong, that's sort of how it's supposed to work and I agree it's confusing. Like everything else in the group settings dialog it's actually displaying the aggregate settings of all the users in that group. Settings, not to be confused with properties, are *only* stored on the user level so when you change this it pushes the changes to each user in that group. So what you may be seeing is that one user is in multiple groups so the changes you make are showing up in this dialog because it's aggregating the menus together.

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              Lawrence Kiefer



              Thanks for the information. I do have users in multiple groups so your correct.

              Its confusing indeed the way they set it up. If if isn't a group setting, why is it the group property box or at least there should be a clear note stating that even though its in groups, that we cant actually make custom menu for groups.


              Safe to say this is another EPDM feature that is useless to me.


              Thanks again.

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                  Brian McEwen

                  I agree that the way Settings functions sucks.  If you add someone to a group they do not get their Settings from the group, the user Settings take precedence.


                  However, what you are doing sounds problematic because you have users in multiple groups. Mixed-group users can work, it just makes stuff like this more complex. 

                  "we cant actually make custom menu for groups"

                  Yes you can.  Select the group, change the Settings>>Menus.  And then for the users in more than one group go back and make sure they have the correct menu... If it is always consistent for those mixed-group users, then do the order of changes so that the last one you do is the menu they are supposed to have.