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How does your company control off the shelf component models?

Question asked by Jeff Thomas on Aug 30, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2007 by Jeff Thomas
I would like some insight on how some of you are handling models of off the shelf components. Are you using revision control on these models? For instance, I have an assembly model of a purchased Thermistor that I created for use in my assembly designs. In one assembly the two wires came straight out and then bent 90 degrees. This model was then sent through document control and released. The design then changed and the wires had to follow a 3D sketch. In your experience would a revision be applied to the assembly model as there is now a new configuration of the model? We are not using PDM at this time but how would PDM handle this? I believe the program would automatically rev the model. I will be pushing hard for PDM in the very near future as manually managing the data SUCKS! Any help would be appreciaited.