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    Sliding, rotating 'pin' connection

    Zach Martin

      Hi I am a noob to simulation.  I am trying to run a simulation on the turntable base shown in the picture.




      I have a 6000N force pressing down on the ring area (where the bolt holes are) and then the feet are sitting on a hard floor.  The foot pads swivel on ball joints in reality, but in the model there are just solid blocks.


      I set up a simulation for the plate part, where I replaced the bolt holes with merely a 0.001 deep x 0.5" diameter recess. I set those faces as "sliding" connections and got this:




      This is not right because the edge tab appears to be fixed from rotating.  In reality the plate will curve like a bowl, it will not curve down again at the edge tab.


      How would I set the foot connections as a sliding/pin connection?  In other words, make the feet be fixed in a horizontal plane but leave rotation and sliding in that plane unconstrained.