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Assemblies in BOM's as "Parts"

Question asked by Brad Shultz on Oct 27, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2015 by Scott Boerman

At my company we're modeling certain pieces of equipment as parts (.sldprt) and others as assemblies (.sldasm).  Anyone know of a way Solidworks will recognize the assemblies as parts (just for BOM purposes)?  We have to use "Parts only" for BOM's, so unfortunately a piece of equipment modeled as an assembly will produce multiple lines in a BOM.  But we want every piece of equipment to be one line on the BOM.  Of course equipment modeled as a part file (.sldprt) don't have this problem.   My only solution is to "convert" assemblies to parts, so every piece of equipment is a part file (one line in the BOM).