Have you been accepted to speak at SOLIDWORKS World 2016?

Discussion created by 1-3PL95X on Oct 27, 2015

Hi Everyone,

if you've been notified that your SOLIDWORKS World 2016 presentation has been accepted, have I got a deal for you.


Here's your chance to convince people that they should attend your session, and have it published on my blog.  A couple of paragraphs should do it, but feel free to be as wordy as you would like.


At a minimum, you should include:


The title of your presentation

A brief synopsis of the session

Why you decided on the topic

Your previous history of presenting at SWW (if applicable)

Why someone should attend your session - make it compelling


These blog posts will be "promoted" via our Social Media team (Rachel), and will probably get some good exposure.  If there was ever a time that you should write for the blog, this is it.


SOLIDWORKS World 2016 - Why You Should See MY Session


Send your write-up directly to me (Word or email, makes no difference to me) and I will make sure it gets published.