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    Move to PDM Standard?

    Philip Lane

      We use EPDM, soon to be known as PDM-Pro (sounds too PTC for my liking).

      As PDM Works, or Workgoup is being phased out in favour of a cut-down EPDM, to be called EPDM-Standard, I am very interested in what the likely up-take is going to be for EPDM-Std.

      If anyone is keen to pony-up their intentions .


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          Chris Champions

          Here is the start


          you need a serial number of PDM standard to intall & run and it won't be available until the end of November

          By the way, if you are using ePDM (renamed to PDM pro. in SW2016) now and there is no option to down grade to PDM standard

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            Justin Hunt

            Hi there. I am a PDM Professional administrator for 300 users. I have had a chance to configure PDM standard for a myself and for another company. I have managed to take all that I have learned about engineering process and cram it into 10 states (the limit for PDM Standard).


            This workflow has two revision formats (one for engineering documents and one for office documents). It also contains a major / minor revision path, and a revers action tool for when you need to cancel your ECR transitions. I am happy to talk about more about this if you want . PDM Standard can do A LOT of stuff.workflow.png

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                Jonathan Leeper


                I'm trying to get my major/minor revision to work with manual revisions- but instead of A.001, A.002..., B.001, B.002, the pull down options are A.001, B.002, C.003. There is no option for selecting A.002 or C.001, the counter for minor revisions is somehow tied to a major rev.  Any hints?


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                    Justin Hunt

                    Hi Johnathan,


                    Can you take a few screen shot of your revision counters and how you have them setup (Revision Number Components and Revision Numbers)? Also, are you pushing revisions through the transition or the state?


                    Thanks, Justin

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                        Jonathan Leeper

                        Hi Justin,

                        We are currently trying to update revs manually for drawings that were brought into PDM Standard.  Most Should be at Rev H.

                        Our workflow includes a transition, "No Approval Required", that leads us to "Approved". Revs are done at a state level.

                        Rev Component Properties:

                        Approved Properties:




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                      Steve Ostrovsky

                      Very nice workflow Justin Hunt. I'm really cautious on initial implementations of PDM Standard to go whole hog in the workflow. If they decide to put something that doesn't fit the any of the states, then you're SOL. You can always add on, but it's so hard to remove states.

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                          Justin Hunt

                          Hi Steve,


                          The workflow shown is a condensed version of the PDM pro version that I have setup and polished for a few years. I totally agree with your statement about not being able to take away. When I do need to take away a state that I cannot delete I have learned to relabel the state a "X - Expired State", that way the state will just fall to the bottom of any search lists.


                          This workflow is the culmination of some hard learned lessons about the engineering release process learned in the corporate environment. Thanks for the kudos -Justin

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                        Jim Steinmeyer

                        I am going through the PDM implementation threads attempting to find a link to the install manual but so far have been unable to locate it. We have purchased another company and there is discussion of setting PDM Standard up to handle our merged engineering data. The admin at the other location has been using PDM Workgroup while we have been using Microsoft folders. on a server. The admin is under the understanding that PDM standard is simply a relabeling of Enterprise. I don't think so but if I remember correctly the installation booklet covers that information.

                        Could someone please point me in the correct direction to find it?


                        Thank you