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    Black images on report

    Wayne Schafer

      How come I get black images when I run a word report.



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          Janko Stellaard

          Graphic driver, UAC, or anti-virus might be giving trouble. Check your settings.


          Or maybe this could help:


          This is most likely due to the SolidWorks Export Options > File Format > TIF/PSD/JPG settings which affect how images are captured in SolidWorks as well as Simulation reports. To check if this is the problem, do the following:


          1)     Go to File > Save As

          2)     Select Tif (*.tif) for Save as type, then click Options

          3)     If the “Print capture” option is currently selected, change it to “Screen capture” and click OK

          4)     Click Cancel in the Save As dialog (the changes you made to Export Options will be saved regardless of whether you click Save or Cancel in this window)

          5)     Try generating/publishing a report again


          Please refer to the SolidWorks Help topic “TIFF, Photoshop, and JPEG Export Options” for additional information on these SolidWorks settings.

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            Tim Garner

            This answer is good, but not quite complete. Also check that the Image type: is also set to RGB full color.