Diego Ramirez

SolidWorks Composer needs Audio and PNG image support at least!

Discussion created by Diego Ramirez on Oct 26, 2015

Can we please have a trend request for audio for animations/presentations and PNG support?


It is really annoying trying to match the background colour to the image since it doesn´t have the capability to adapt to the background.  Image 1



Also it would be nice to have a background sound that repeats itself just to add a better experience to the presentation and why not have the chance to change audio and music controls.


Finally it would be great if we could define a 3D area and 2D area within the presentation. I have had the words in front of my model for so many times (and I am a frequent user). Image the hassle the clients would go through if they don´t  know the mouse controls.   (Image 2)


TIP: Put a re-orient button linked to the same view and create a mini animation where you can show mouse and keyboard controls for your clients.