Tom Strohscher

Expliding/Imploding Assemblies

Discussion created by Tom Strohscher on Aug 29, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2007 by Nick Harmsen
Is anyone still having problems with assemblies exploding. Parts getting moved away from their mating parts.  Orassemblies imploding.  Mates getting flipped so parts are ontop of one another.

We had huge problems with this prior to SP4.  But it stillhappens.  The frustrating thing is your assembly can be fineall day and then hit save and it can't seem to figure out what todo.

I rarely use lightweight more.  Most of my assemblies have2000 parts, 3 or 4 levels deep. Less then 300 top level mates.

I get exploded configuration views on configurations that don'thave an exploded feature to.

I have issues with exploded view path lines moving around on theirown too.

It's not limited to me or my computer.  Several here in ouroffice randomly see these problems.