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Having trouble using different wire types in circuit connected to the same terminal

Question asked by Allan Bowers on Oct 25, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by Allan Bowers

What I want to achieve is shown in the 1st pic, however to get the yellow thicker wires from the transformer to look this way I just changed their Appearance in SW. If I run the Route Wires comd in SWE 3D it changes them back to the colour in SWE which is expected.


The schematic shows my circuit but the only way I can get the routing to work in SWE 3D is by using the same wires throughout. Pic 2


However the two wires coming out of the tx for the heater circuit T1 origin Pin 6 and 7 are actually larger dia and a different colour.


I have put these wires into the wire manager but if I use them to do connections from 6 to X1:5 and 7 to X1:4 it shows up in the schematic (pic 3) but when I try and Route Wires in SWE 3D it does not work.


My connections have 4 wires allowed per connector.


I have separate circuits for each connection


Thus I am wondering is it possible to have two or more different wire types along the same circuit path. As shown in the last pic it doesn't route the two yellow wires even though they show as connected in the schematic (pic 3)



SWE Power Schematic.tiff

Schematic with alt wires.jpg

preview showing error.JPG