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Map data card variable to revision number

Question asked by Joe Shigenaga on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by Joe Shigenaga

Hi everyone,


I would like to set up a manual revision increment process. I'm working on EPDM 2013.

For example, a user put a file in the vault and manually choose the revision number from a list (for example C) in the data card.

After checked-in the file, user do some modifications on the file and manually choose D revision from the list and check-in again the file.


What I want is that any user can go to the history of the file and see revision C et D. So far, I can see the changes on the revision but it displays revision A and B (Because my revision number starts from A).


I guess I need to map the data card variable to revision number but I don't know how to and I even don't know if it's possible.


Does anyone have a solution to solve my problem ?