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Modelling the Strap of a Shoulder Bag

Question asked by Luke Harris on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by Luke Harris

I am trying to model a shoulder bag strap with the aim of producing similar results to what you see in the attached images. My approach was to model a surface extrude which roughly represents the path I want my strap to follow, and then use a projected split line to mark the exact sweep path, then convert my split line to a 3d sketch and use it as my path? (see image of my model). However, I feel that this cannot be the best/most effective method and I am probably giving myself more work than I really need to (amateur sweeper alert!).


Additionally, the profile of the strap could behave in a number of ways: It could follow the path and stand upright (as it does in the image with the black bag) or it could twist, laying flat at various points along its path (like on the brown bag). I'd be really interested in hearing some perspectives on how I could achieve both (And in fact whether a sweep is even the best method to achieve my desired results!).


Thanks in advance for your time