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Have I or SW Forums been smurfed or hacked?

Question asked by Kelef Man on Oct 24, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2016 by Kelef Man

hei'ya guys-

not too sure about this one, but-

just wondering if anybody else has got this happen-

or know what is going on

I got a bunch of these in my inbox from "SW Forums"



and trusting my Firewall and AV settings I dared to see the body of the mail

mainly this below



with about 20 lines- apparently repetitions

the "View the full discussion" takes me not to the discussion but-

to the jive logon page- this is not usual behaviour for this link

so I didn't logon through this

I tried a different email from SW Forums-

and followed the "View the full discussion"

and viola normal link and behaviour


so 'long story short' I deleted them all

and if any appear, now or the future,

they shall get the same treatment


any advice, thoughts or knowledge welcome-

so have a good'n kelef