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3D pdf issue?

Question asked by TJ Valascho on Oct 23, 2015

Hi, using Solidworks 2014 and suddenly having trouble creating 3D pdfs.  I've created two assemblies from a few parts, then mated the two together in a new assembly.  When I did that, two things happened -

First, most internal components started showing "through" the outer housings as dotted lines, strange.  Then, I tried to save the model as a 3D pdf and it moves the model very far away before it saves, then puts it back where it was.  Saving as a regular pdf works fine, and I've made 3D pdfs before with this same hardware and software, many times.  I've restarted Solidworks and restarted my machine even, but it operates the same.


Has anyone else seen this before?


Never mind, I figured it out.


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