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Desired Workflow vs Best Practices Workflow

Question asked by Jason Owens on Oct 23, 2015

Good morning SWX community. I am currently working through some workflow changes under a time crunch, but am not finding the answers I am looking for.  The big picture is that I want to take all files related to a part/assmbly in an ECO and once released use a task similar to the Convert to PDF into a final DMR folder. In this process the revision will be updated in the DMR folder for all files. It appears that most administrators use the convert to iges or other model file type, but I actually want to be able to do this with the SWX part and assembly files they are.  

Then, if changes need to be created, the transition in the DMR folder will kick the files back out to a new ECO where the changes can be made and so continues the cycle.


Again, I am a newbie, and I am trying to accomplish a lot in a short time. I have done some quick searches here on the forums, but havent found what I need.  Does anyone have any suggestions to any dispatch code, or tasks that would allow for me to do this?  Or, is there a better recommendation on how to maintain document control. I am dealing with some older engineers who enjoy just making copies of files, adding Rev extensions to the file names, causing quite the cluster truck of file duplication.


Any references or instruction will be deeply appreciated. (Even if this means creating some API's)

Thank you!