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print to pdf silent

Question asked by Shaun Jalbert on Oct 23, 2015

I posted a similar thread but have have decided to change directions - sort of.


I'm in need of a macro to Print to PDF (Not to be confused with Save as PDF). It must be, no matter what, a "Print as PDF" macro because my manager absolutely refuses to permit  us to use the "Save as PDF" option because of some printing issues recently.

The code below is what I have to work with, but I'm having some issues getting some standards nailed down.


1) At the very least, I need the print specification in the script to set the options as shown in the attached image below. How can I do this?

Right now, the script works, but my scales are off and adjusting the values below don't seem to have any effect.

    printSpec.FromScale = 1

    printSpec.ToScale = 1



2) This is more of a wishlist item, but if its possible, it would be amazing if this script could run silently, naming the PDF as the SolidWorks file name (minus the "layout" or "sheet name" as the PDF automatically adds this) and then save it in a predetermined folder on the Users desktop called "Export". Can this be done?



Dim swApp As SldWorks.SldWorks

Dim swModel As SldWorks.ModelDoc2

Dim swModelDocExt As SldWorks.ModelDocExtension

Dim swPageSetup As SldWorks.PageSetup

Dim printSpec As SldWorks.PrintSpecification

Dim drawing As String

Dim errors As Long

Dim warnings As Long

Dim footerTextNumber As String

Dim footerTextCount As String

Dim footerText As String


Option Explicit

Sub main()


    Set swApp = Application.SldWorks

    Set swModel = swApp.ActiveDoc

    Set swModelDocExt = swModel.Extension


    'Create a print specification

    swModel.Printer = "Adobe PDF"

    Set printSpec = swModelDocExt.GetPrintSpecification

    printSpec.ConvertToHighQuality = True

    printSpec.AddPrintRange 1, 1

    printSpec.FromScale = 1

    printSpec.ToScale = 1

    printSpec.ScaleMethod = swPrintSelection

    printSpec.PrinterQueue = ""

    printSpec.PrintToFile = False


    Debug.Print "Printing specifications:"

    Debug.Print "  Collate: " & printSpec.Collate

    Debug.Print "  Convert to high quality: " & printSpec.ConvertToHighQuality

    Debug.Print "  Current sheet: " & printSpec.CurrentSheet

    Debug.Print "  From scale: " & printSpec.FromScale

    Debug.Print "  To scale: " & printSpec.ToScale

    Debug.Print "  Number of copies: " & printSpec.NumberOfCopies

    Debug.Print "  Print background: " & printSpec.PrintBackground

    Debug.Print "  Print cross hatch on out-of-date views: " & printSpec.PrintCrossHatchOnOutOfDateViews

    Debug.Print "  Printer queue: " & printSpec.PrinterQueue

    Debug.Print "    File: " & printSpec.PrintFile

    Debug.Print "  Print white items black: " & printSpec.PrintWhiteItemsBlack

    Debug.Print "  Selection as defined in swPrintSelectionScaleFactor_e: " & printSpec.ScaleMethod

    Debug.Print "  Total sheet count: " & printSpec.SheetCount

    Debug.Print "  X origin: " & printSpec.XOrigin

    Debug.Print "  Y origin: " & printSpec.YOrigin


    ' Print the drawing to your default printer

    swModelDocExt.PrintOut4 "", "", printSpec





End Sub