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Question asked by Robert Eppig on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by Robert Eppig

I just started working at a new company.  It has 2013 SP 4.0.   I have an assembly and it associated files in a folder that was copied from some place else (I don't do it).

It is structural steel angles, plates etc that are welded and put together in an assembly.  The structural parts have several configurations based on lengths.  So each assembly is put together with different configurations.  


If I just open the assembly it complains that some configurations could not be found and the assembly opens all missed up.  All the errors are based on four part drawings.

If I open the 4 part drawings first then open the assembly everything is good.  I assume this is a problem with the assembly looking else where for these 4 parts and not in the folder the assembly is in.  How do I fix this problem?  These four parts have multiple instances in the assembly so this is a major problem.  Thanks in advance for any help given.