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    XY plot output for time-dependent simulation?

    Matt Langford

      I have a time-dependent simulation of a propeller (sliding mesh) operating in a non-uniform inflow. I would like to extract XY plots of pressure vs. Y on the blade surface at multiple radii for each time step (I have solution outputs at 360 time steps). Other than manually loading each of the 360 solutions and exporting the plot data, what are my options?


      -"Batch process results" seems to be of limited value, because it only allows batch processing of multiple projects, not multiple solutions at different time steps within a given project

      -"Create animation" is no use, because XY plots are not a valid Result for animation (only cut plots/surface plots/isosurfaces/etc are available), and this wouldn't generate data output anyway, just a visual plot

      -Setting thousands of Point Goals and re-running the simulation, then copying the Goal Table would work in theory, but I don't know any practical way to generate these points


      Exporting point data over multiple time steps seems like a fundamental feature for any CFD code claiming to support time-dependent analyses, yet I'm falling short at achieving this.



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          Amit Katz

          It is possible to compare XY plots from multiple projects using the "compare results" feature. However creating a separate project from each saved timestamp would be a tedious process. You may want to talk to your VAR about this, maybe they have 3rd party tools for extracting data from Flow Sim archives. I know that Flow Sim itself is not great for scientific work because it's so difficult to get to the actual data structure.

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              Matt Langford

              I've been very impressed with the mesh generation and certain aspects of the solver itself, but you are right about extracting actual data from the results. I wish SW Flow Simulation supported solution export, so I could post-process in a full-featured program like FieldView/EnSight/TecPlot.


              Enabling batch processing for multiple time steps within a given project would probably get me 99% of the functionality I need, though.

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              Matt Langford

              The best workaround I've found is related to the 3rd option in my original post: using goals (since goals.dat is written to every iteration). I split my model into radial strips, then used surface goals to calculate the integrated loading on each strip. I'd rather get a plot of loading distribution at each strip, but the integrated values will have to do for now.


              Please support my enhancement request #1-9222136439 if you are also interested in batch processing multiple time steps within a single project.