Eric Rehm

Simulating underwater lighting?

Discussion created by Eric Rehm on Aug 28, 2007
I have a SolidWorks assembly that lives underwater.   Somecomponents of the assembly shade each other, given a specific underwater light distribution.

I want to analyze the shading effects because some of the shadedcomponents are light sensitive. With another program (Hydrolight),I can simulate the intensity and distribution of light (which is afunction of the sun's elevation, absorbing and scattering materialsin the water, and depth...all things I can control in Hydrolight).This distribution of light is typically symmetric in azimuthalangle, but different at various elevation angles (0-180 deg, e.g.,more light coming from above than below, unless you are near abrightly reflecting sea bottom...which I am not).

The idea is to create several different lighting scenarios (e.g.,different sun elevations) and different SolidWorks assemblyorientations (i.e., rotations about the z axis) with respect toeach lighting scenario, and calculate the shaded area on some ofthe light-sensitive components.

However, I only have eight or nine lights to work with inSolidWorks, right?

Does anyone have suggestions on creating a PhotoWorks lightingsetup to match what I know from Hydrolight?  Do I justposition the lights as best I can (e.g., 0, 30 60 90 120 180 deg)and adjust their relative intensities based on my Hydrolightoutput?

Note that I do not need to create a rendering where the objectlooks like it is submersed in water. I just need to get myPhotoWorks lighting to match the radiance distribution I know fromHydrolight.Thanks for you patience if you have read this far. Andthanks in advance if you have any tips.