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Components hidden in sub-assembly are being shown in top-level assembly

Question asked by James Harvey on Oct 21, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2016 by James Harvey

Let A, B, & C be assemblies.

Assembly C is inserted into Assy B.

For clarity, certain components of C are then hidden from view within B. Approximately 25 or 30 parts.

Next, Assy B is inserted into Assy A and all is good. The hidden components remain hidden.



The problem:

When (and only when) I add mates to define Assy B within Assy A the hidden components of C become visible again (only in assy A, they remain hidden in assy B). After various experimentation I am having no success keeping the hidden in hiding. Does anybody have any hints, clues or experience with this?


Assembly C is used elsewhere so all must remain showing at the C level.

Hiding them at the A level defeats the purpose of re-usability. I'd rather not spend my time fishing in the manager tree/graphics area each time B is inserted into a new A (fairly often..). Alas, this is currently my only solution. Can anybody help me?