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Lift Coefficient on 2D Flat Plate (thin)

Question asked by Josiah Lund on Oct 21, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2015 by Josiah Lund

Hello community,


I have taught myself how to use solidworks flowsim for some very basic simulations and have learned a lot, so I wanted to create a tutorial for the work that I do so others can learn with me. I want to go back to basics and start with a validation case to show basic mesh generation and project setup. For this, I wanted to calculate the lift coefficient for a flat thin plate. I am running into some issues, however in that my calculated Cl at varying angles of attack is about half of the theoretical value.


Theoretical lift for a 2D - 'thin' plate is shown in attachment to be 2*pi*alpha where alpha is angle of attack in radians.


Since this is a simple case, would somebody be able to help me by running this simulation and sharing results, and if successful, setup?