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how to manually uninstall Workgroup PDM Server?

Question asked by William Kappauf on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2016 by Mark Dudley


I updated my installation of Solidworks 2015 (including Workgroup PDM Server) to 2016.  I probably should have known better, but I did it anyway.  Well, after messing up my Windows 10 computer, I decided I would try to uninstall everything and reinstall.


Solidworks 2016 appears to have uninstalled OK.  However, Solidworks Workgroup PDM Server 2016 did not.  It still shows up as an installed App.  If I try to uninstall it again, it runs and installer (very quickly) and disappears, but nothing changes.  The program still shows up under Apps.


Is there a manual removal process I can do to wipe it from my computer?