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Minimum sensible monitor requirements

Question asked by Nick Zotov on Aug 28, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2007 by Joe Rochinski

First of all hi to the community.

We are a small business that has just purchased SolidWorks. Ihave done quite a bit of 3D CAD but using TurboCAD Pro, so SW is abig change.

We design fairly simple aluminum extrusions (max dimension150mm) and plastic mouldings (current max dimension 100mm.Assemblies are simple.

At present we are using 1280x1024 monitors - but I realize thatthat is not enough. We have our eyes on a Dell model, which is20" and has 1680 x 1050 resolution. Is that likely to bereasonable? Given that (or any other size you recommend what othermonitor features are likely to be essential?

graphics card: ATI GL V3100.

BTW, is there a trick to posting here. At first attempt (inFirefox) I found the text appearing three times in the message box.IE7 showed a Java icon, but nothing else. Back to Firefox and HTMLseems to work. Hope this posts OK.