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in routing own tube fitting won't snip automatically

Question asked by Jacob Fogh Knudsen on Oct 21, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by David Foster

Using the routing tubing function, I have attempted to create my own tube fitting and added it to the tube library. The tube fitting was added using the Routing Library Manager, Router Component Wizzard.


The problem is that the my tube fitting doesn't snip (mate) automatically to another part when dragged in from the library - as does the default tube fittings. I have configured the required c-points, r-points and axis according to the Wizzard.


Attatched is:


The part (3039-200-148) that I try to mate the tube fitting on to

My tube fitting (3039-200-123) placed in the library that I would like to get to mate automatically when dragged in.

A default tube fitting (solidworks-lok male connector) from the library that mates automatically.


Any help would be much appreciated!