Lee Brown

WARNING - Thread feature in SW2016 is woefully inaccurate

Discussion created by Lee Brown on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by Allan Smithee

I have run some test cases of the new thread creation feature in SW2016 and the threads it creates from the standard table of "inch" series threads do NOT conform to the Unified thread standard.  The root and crest flats are all wrong and the thread depth is not correct, resulting in incorrect minor or major diameters.  The threads generated by this feature should only be considered "cartoons" and should not be used to derive dimensional information.  Persons interested in creating accurate representations of Unified screw threads will have to create their own custom thread profiles that are standards-compliant.


I am surprised and disappointed that Solidworks released such a poorly implemented feature.  A little more time spent studying the Threading chapter in Machinery's Handbook would have greatly illuminated the issue during code development.